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The Stacking Tree People

The Stacking Tree People


The Stacking Tree People -

Family of 6 All families are different and our Stacking Tree People Family is no exception!

This unique and quirky little family love to sit stacked on top of each other... in any order and are perfect building blocks for little hands. Each tree person is lovingly hand carved from camphor branches and matched to ensure we create the perfect family. Ranging in size, your stacking tree people family of 6 will stand approximately 18 - 22cm in height and include a range of characters, widths and heights. The unique nature of natural camphor wood means the grains and features will vary slightly between items. We believe that this adds to the character and shows that each piece is made, by hand, just for you! Please note that as each block set is unique, the blocks may vary from those pictured.

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