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  • Ingredients - What is in our Earth Paints?
    Our Earth Paint is made from 100% Imagination, cornstarch, gum arabic powder and earth pigment.
  • Ingredients - What is in our Natural Dough?
    Our Dough is made from 100% Imagination, wheat flour, salt, cream of tartar, cornstarch, vegetable oil and earth pigment.
  • Ingredients - What is in our Fizzys?
    Our Dough is made from 100% Imagination, cornstarch, bicarbinate of soda, epsom salt, citric acid, earth pigment, water and coconut oil.
  • My Natural Dough has crystals on the top, what is this?"
    This is just the salt coming to the surface and is completely normal. Our Dough likes to be played with so it will restore after a little knead. If it gets a little dry, a drop of oil can be added.
  • Do your handmade products stain?
    We have tested our Earth Paints, Natural Dough and Sensory Grains on many materials, surfaces and hands and so far have not managed to cause any staining.
  • How should I store the Earth Paints?
    They should be stored at room temperature in the glass jars or refill bags supplied. Once the paint has been mixed up, store in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place. If you mix up too much, it could also be stored in a sealed container in the freezer and left to defrost at room temperature next time you would like to use it.
  • How do I store the Natural Dough?
    To get the most out of your Dough, store in a cool, dry place or even in the fridge.
  • My Dough is a bit dry and crusty?
    Our Dough should not be left out otherwise it will dry out. Please store in an air-tight container when play has finished. For best results, store the Dough in a cool, dry place or in the fridge.
  • What age are your products suitable for?
    Our products are suitable for years 3+ with adult supervision at all times. Some items are very small and may be a choking hazard.
  • My product arrived damaged, what should I do?"
    We are sorry if this happens. Please email a photograph of the damaged product together with your order number, to within 48 hours of receiving your delivery. We will then arrange a replacement to be sent to you as soon as possible.
  • I live outside of the UK, can I still order your products?"
    Certainly! We would love to ship to you, our shipping charges depend on where you live, we have broken these down for you; Most European countries - £18.00 USA and Canada - £35.00 Alll other destinations - £40.00 We will work the shipping out for you in the checkout so you can check the costs before you pay.
  • How are your items packaged?
    We like to keep this secret but your orders are lovingly packed in branded packaging, all of which is fully recycable or reusable. It would be great if you could share receiving and opening your giftbox on instagram and tag us @playspirations
  • Do the colours vary from seen on the website?
    All of our products are natural so colours may vary slightly. Our Natural Dough and Sensory Grains are accurate to the photographs, but the Earth Paints are much more vivid when mixed with water.
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