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Happyself Journal

Happyself Journal


My First HappySelf Journal helps promote happiness and positive habits that will benefit children for years to come.


This journal has been specially designed to be a shared experience, with lots of prompts along the way to spark conversations between the grown-up and child. Presented in a larger format (B5) and designed to be pencil and crayon friendly, the journal has plenty of space for writing, drawing and colouring, ensuring that children's first experience of journaling is fun, positive and enjoyable.


Awarded Silver in the 2021 Junior Design Awards:'Best Pre-Schooler Book'


What our customers say: "My 6-year-old daughter has engaged amazingly well with this journal. She loves sitting before she goes to bed and thinking through happy things from the day. I am very pleased that I bought it!" "Fantastic for young ones to make sense of their feelings and feel positive 😊"


Made in United Kingdom