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Clayspirations - Air dry clay

Clayspirations - Air dry clay


Our air dry modelling clay is soft, easy to mold and completely natural. It will provide endless fun as your little ones shape, roll, and stamp. Leave it out for 24 hours and your creation will be set and you could use our Earth Paints to decorate it.


  • Product Information

    Our clay is non-toxic and free from any nasties such as preservatives and artificial colourings and scents, making it completely safe and naturally long lasting

    Use a little water to help with molding and shaping

    Just simply leave out to air-dry for 24 hours and then decorate


  • Safety

    ⋒ Not suitable for children under 3 years

    ⋒ We use all natural products making them completely non-toxic and safe, however they should not be eaten

    ⋒ As they are made from home, we cannot guarantee that our products do not contain traces of nuts

  • Care Guidance

    ⋒ Please store it in the air tight jar provided and in a cool, dry place

    ⋒ A tiny drop of water can be added to help with molding